Agriculture Riskopolis

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Agricultural operations play a major role in today’s pollution concerns due to frequent discharge of large quantities of agrochemicals, organic matter, drug residues, sediments and saline drainage, which could potentially impact nearby bodies of water and threaten aquatic ecosystems, human health and reproductive activities.

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While some insurance policies offer protection for certain types of pollution-related events, many exclude pollution liability coverages. Such policies leave your agribusiness clients to fend for themselves and attempt to adhere to the complex environmental regulations and requirements set forth by the government.

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Great American knows the unique challenges that farm professionals of all kinds face in their line of work. Whether it is a chemical overspray or leaking aboveground storage tank, agriculture operation may pose an array of environmental exposures. Agriculture Riskopolis showcases some of the environmental risks that could be detrimental to your clients’ businesses.

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Agriculture Riskopolis

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The experts at Great American take your clients’ portfolios to the next level by offering specialized coverage that can protect against complicated and often costly agricultural pollution risks. We encourage you to learn more about Great American Environmental by visiting our website.

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