EECMA Annual Conference


EECMA is an association comprised of claim professionals that value ongoing education on newly emerging issues surrounding environmental, asbestos and other long-term exposure litigation that challenge the insurance industry. The organization’s virtual conference was one of the nation’s leading claims management conferences, focusing on emerging environmental risks and claims trends.

EECMA 2022 Speakers

Great American Environmental’s Sara Brothers had the opportunity to speak at the conference, touching on the latest legal, scientific and regulatory aspects surrounding Ethylene Oxide or EtO. EtO is a chemical that is commonly used in largescale medical sterilization facilities. The contaminant has been considered a hazardous air pollutant under The Clean Air Act since 1970.

We also had the opportunity to speak at the conference, discussing the latest claims and litigation trends around environmental justice. The panel covered the history of environmental justice, assessing exposure, examples of historical EJ cases and current and future litigation trends.

The session concluded with a live Q&A session, allowing the audience to gather additional information on the topics that most interested them.

Our team was honored to speak at such an impactful conference. We look forward to attending future environmental insurance industry events!

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