Environmental Protection for Agricultural Clients

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Why is Environmental Protection Important for Agricultural Clients?

Agricultural operations play a major role in today’s pollution concerns. They often discharge large quantities of agrochemicals, organic matter, drug residues, sediments and saline drainage, which could potentially impact nearby bodies of water and threaten aquatic ecosystems, human health and reproductive activities.

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While some insurance policies offer protection for certain types of pollution-related events, many exclude pollution liability coverages. Such policies leave your agriculture clients to fend for themselves and attempt to adhere to the complex environmental regulations and requirements set forth by the government.

Consider the following:

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A producer of soybeans sustained a large ammonia release when the piping on their aboveground storage tank failed. The release caused approximately 5,000 lbs. of liquid ammonia and additional vapor. As a result, clean-up costs were incurred and a number of residents within a neighboring facility complained of respiratory issues.

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A claim was made by the owners of a farm producing berries when a windstorm resulted in a large fuel spill affecting the area. Due to the severity of the spill, monitoring and testing of the contaminated groundwater was required. A claim was later made for clean-up costs and business interruption as the processing facility was closed for four days as a result of the remediation efforts.

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A farmer was sued by a nearby residential development alleging that the fumes from the spread of manure and other herbicides and pesticides caused several tenants to suffer migraine headaches and other related health problems. As a result, a claim was made for defense and indemnification for the bodily injury lawsuit.

For additional examples of real life situations that could easily affect your clients, visit our Claims Scenario Library!

How Can Great American Help?

Great American Environmental offers Premises Environmental Liability (PRE) protection that is uniquely designed to fill coverage gaps in policies that exclude pollution associated with typical agricultural operations. The experts at Great American Environmental take your clients’ portfolios to the next level by offering specialized coverage that can protect against complicated and often costly agricultural pollution risks.

It is important your clients consider the following questions while evaluating the level of environmental risk in their agribusiness operations:

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Learn More About Agriculture Environmental Risks

For more information regarding our Premises Environmental Liability (PRE) coverage highlights and product details, feel free to access the resources below or visit our website.

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Erin is a Senior Production Underwriter with Great American’s Environmental Division. In her role, she is responsible for evaluating risk to determine coverage for multiple environmental liability insurance policies. She earned her Master of Business Administration with a focus on environmental compliance and sustainability from Southern New Hampshire University and her Bachelor of Science in environmental science with a duel-minor in sustainability studies and public health from Muhlenberg College. Erin brings a modern knowledge of the environmental sector to the team and is based out of the Exton, Pennsylvania office.