Understanding Contracting Services Environmental Liability – New Product Video!

The services provided by contractors play an important role in allowing us to lead safe, comfortable lives. With this responsibility also comes inherent risk, as there are pollution exposures present in contracting services across all industries. Watch how environmental insurance exists to provide protection for these contractors and their clients when accidents or sudden incidents expose contaminants at a job site.

Ocean Marine Riskopolis

Great American knows the unique challenges that the maritime industry professionals face in their line of work. Whether it is a diesel release during fueling or sewage discharge from vessels, marine operation may pose an array of environmental exposures. The Ocean Marine Riskopolis showcases some of these exposures that could be detrimental to your clients’ businesses. Take a look!

Environmental Coverage for Transportation and NODS: An Important Shield of Protection

Did you know? In addition to our primary coverage for bodily injury, property damaged, legal expenses and clean-up costs resulting from pollution conditions tied to contracting services and covered locations, we also offer a competitive lineup of built-in protection for contingent transportation and non-owned disposal site (NODS).

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