Are Your Contractor Clients Protected Against Environmental Dangers?

construction site with a safety helmet

Great American Environmental is excited to launch its Construction-Focused Riskopolis Series! Through quarterly emails, we will introduce new scenarios representing a variety of potential risks contracting professionals could face in their industry. These examples may be similar to the exposures your clients might encounter.

Let’s face it, the construction industry is tough! Through day-to-day operations, contractors may experience bottom line-threaten situations that could result in extensive cleanup costs and legal expenses. A variety of accidents and environmental exposures including design mishaps, mold, legionella, chemical and fuel spills, fumes, dust contamination, and more may arise on job sites, and have the potential to obstruct project development and cause financial setback.

While some insurance policies offer protection for certain types of professional and pollution related issues, many exclude them completely. Such policies leave your contracting clients to fend for themselves!  Great American Environmental can help protect your clients against complex and potentially costly risks by offering specialized coverage for contractors. Learn more about our policies that could help save your clients’ businesses from financial ruin.

Sign-up for this year’s Construction-Focused Riskopolis Series! The first release will feature HVAC, plumbing and mechanical contracting characters who encounter similar environmental challenges your clients might experience!

Riskopolis Cartoon Workers

Interested in learning more about how Great American Environmental can offer the coverage contractors need to reduce liability and to protect their bottom line? The underwriting professionals of Great American’s Environmental Division are happy to work with you to help uncover the hidden risks in your clients’ operations and develop a custom program to further protect them. We encourage you to reach out to us should you have any additional questions or if you’re interested in learning more about our specialized coverages for contractors.

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