Introducing Great American Environmental’s Brownfield Redevelopment Riskopolis Series!

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Great American Environmental is excited to launch its Brownfield Redevelopment Riskopolis Series!

While all redevelopment projects have the potential to uncover environmental risks, using a brownfield site for an infrastructure expansion or development project can unveil additional contaminants related to past operations. These may impact the condition of the property through releases that pose residual risks to humans and the environment.

Due to the concerns surrounding historical site contamination, redevelopment professionals and business owners may encounter environmental risks that are often unknown and may require costly remediation.

From redevelopment construction to ongoing weather and business interruptions, every phase of an infrastructure project may pose environmental risks. Throughout this year, we will introduce scenarios showcasing a variety of potential environmental exposures within the redevelopment industry. Are your clients protected from these lurking environmental dangers?

Great American’s Environmental Division can work with you to help uncover the hidden risks in your clients’ operations and help develop a custom program to further protect them. We encourage you to reach out to our underwriting team should you have any additional questions or if interested in learning more about our specialized coverage options.

Sign-up for this year’s Brownfield Redevelopment Riskopolis Series! The first release will feature scenarios representing exposures involved in a brownfield redevelopment for a new shopping center.


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Discover our Riskopolis Series – showcasing the variety of environmental dangers that lurk in numerous industries! Are your clients protected from the exposures depicted below?