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Within essentially every industry, you will find some degree of environmental pollution exposure. While these environmental issues may be more infrequent, they are often massive, expensive and complex. A significant pollution event can be financially threatening and harmful to the operations of the business and the company’s reputation.

The manufacturing industry and its various supply chain exposures are no exception to this risk! From the delivery of the raw materials to the purchaser’s acceptance of the final product, there are environmental risks and exposures. Within the manufacturing process, many events carry a variety of pollution risks that concern any risk manager.


A prudent risk manager asks whether the liability ends when that product leaves the control of the manufacturer?

The answer is no. Even with a seemingly innocuous product, anything can be hazardous if it’s not used as intended or ends up in the wrong place. Products Pollution exposures present themselves when the product causes or is alleged to have caused or contributed to a pollution exposure. Failure of the product to perform as designed may result in a pollution condition which can impact people or damages to the goods of others.

Pollution conditions can have the potential to impede business operations and may result in the required shut down of manufacturing processes to address the pollution condition. It is important to have a trusted environmental insurance carrier when your manufacturing clients are faced with these potentially devastating risks to their business. Without a products pollution policy, an insured may not be properly protected.

The following video illustrates how Great American Environmental Product Pollution policy does just this. We hope you enjoy!


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McCabe, Eric
Eric McCabe, National Underwriting Director
Great American Environmental Division

Eric serves as National Underwriting Director for Great American’s Environmental Division. He has accumulated over 20 years working in the environmental field. Along with his extensive experience in the insurance field, Eric holds his J.D. and previously worked as an environmental chemist. He is based out of our New York office.

Kent Pollaro
Kent Signature
Kent Pollaro, Senior Production Underwriting Manager
Great American Environmental Division

Kent is a Senior Production Underwriting Manager with Great American’s Environmental Division. With over a decade of environmental consulting and underwriting experience, Kent has a proven track record of success in underwriting all lines of environmental insurance products from fixed site pollution policies to combined form GL/Environmental policies for manufacturers and distributors. He is proficient in technical investigation and analytical breakdown of environmental exposures. Kent and his team of experienced underwriters currently service hundreds of domestic and international clients. He is based out of the New York City office.