Great American Digital Rewards Program: 2022 Launch!

As we kickoff 2022, we remain grateful for the agents and brokers who entrust their clients to Great American. As a special token of our appreciation, we are excited to continue offering our GREAT AMERICAN REWARDS Program with added benefits this year

For every bound policy with Great American Environmental, agents and brokers will become eligible to receive an Amazon gift card!

Earning GREAT AMERICAN REWARDS is easy! Watch how it works:

Great Rewards Member

This year, once you become a member of the program, you gain access to industry-focused benefits including, but not limited to:

Subscription to our quarterly industry focused Environmental Insider Newsletter

Receive monthly promotional campaigns featuring our latest program and product features

Opportunity to access our free educational platform – Environmental Broker Toolkit

Insight to webinars led by environmental industry professionals

Access to our quarterly podcast discussing numerous industry topics – Discover What We Cover: A Great American Environmental Podcast

Collection of informative technical whitepapers – Newest topics include: Environmental Justice, Dry Cleaners

Each policy you bind gets you one step closer to earning a reward. Our complete suite of environmental insurance products is designed to help protect your clients’ financial endeavors. Our policies offer protection for a wide range of environmental exposures.

Interested in becoming a GREAT REWARDS member? Opt-in to the program using the form below!



The GREAT AMERICAN REWARDS program is our way of recognizing your hard work and thanking you for all the great you do! With a long-standing commitment to provide agents and brokers the support and service they deserve, it’s our priority to continue offering expert guidance and superior underwriting, as well as the claims handling care you’ve come to expect. See program guidelines for specifics.

For more information, you can visit our GREAT REWARDS webpage, contact [email protected], or reach out to your environmental underwriter!

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