Premise Environmental Liability Protection – New Product Video!

Within essentially every industry, you will find some degree of environmental pollution exposure. While these environmental issues may be more infrequent, they are often massive, expensive and complex. A significant pollution event can be financially threatening and harmful to the operations of the business and the company’s reputation.

A Premise Environmental Liability (PRE) policy from Great American’s Environmental Division provides protection against environmental liability resulting from pollution conditions associated with a covered location, including: bodily injury, property damage, legal expenses and clean-up costs. In addition, the PRE policy also covers pollution liability arising from: non-owned disposal sites, transportation of products or wastes, business interruption, contingent business interruption and incidental contracting services.

As your resource, Great American halts environmental protection concerns by providing a clear, consistent and competitive solution. When you need responsive insurance services, you can count on us to deliver tailored solutions fast – allowing your clients to stay focused on what matters most: the success of her or his business.

The following video illustrates how Great American Environmental PRE policy does just this. We hope you enjoy!

Understanding Commercial Lender Premises Policies


To learn more about obtaining a Premise Environmental Liability policy, contact your underwriter or any of our office locations. Haven’t met with an underwriter on our team yet? We’d love to connect! If interested, let us know, and we’ll coordinate a date and time that works best with your schedule.

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