In collaboration with Align General, Great American Environmental Demonstrates Success in the GL Market


Great American Environmental is excited to continue its success following the debut earlier this year of our first product collaboration with a managing general agent (MGA), Align General.

What makes our collaboration so successful?



Our team of expert insurance professionals are the real deal! With a prompt 24-hour turnaround time, it is our main priority to ensure our brokers are able to successfully service their clients’ needs. With service at the core of all that we do, we are proud to provide top notch coverage in a timely fashion.


Competitive Coverage Offerings

Our Contractors Pollution Liability (CPL) coverage includes Non-Owned Disposal Site (NODS) coverage as well as Third Party Liability (TPL) coverage. These coverage offerings differentiate us from our competitors with uniquely crafted options to best fit the needs of your clients!

What does this mean for you and your clients?

Many pollution liability products that are available for contractors limit coverage to pollution conditions that have resulted from contracting services at the job site. The reality is that contractors have other pollution exposures that are related to contracting services that exist away from the job site. This includes liability associated with the waste that is generated at the job site and then disposed at a landfill or other disposal facility. These wastes may include building materials and soil that potentially contain pollutants.

Another pollution exposure often overlooked for contractors is transportation. Accidents can occur during the loading, unloading, and transporting of products or waste. Contractors are often responsible for arranging for the transportation of materials and waste associated with projects. These same contractors may be held responsible for cleanup costs and alleged damages associated with a transportation incident.

Product Offerings

Our comprehensive coverage options assist in mitigating the risks outlined above. The combined site specific pollution liability and general liability coverage is offered on a monoline basis for site specific pollution or on a package basis with an ISO-based CGL coverage for select classes. Target locations include retail, warehouses, offices and light manufacturing.


The Artisan Contractor’s Program offers combined ISO-based CGL coverage with contractor's pollution liability and pollution coverages that can also be offered on a monoline basis. Targeted contractors include drywall, plumbing, HVAC, carpentry and electrical concrete.

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Limits for these offerings include total primary combined capacity of $5 million/$5 million with minimum premiums starting at $2,500 for monoline and $3,500 for package.

We are thrilled about the success and look forward to advancing the growth of this program. We hope to provide you with additional specialized offerings as we continue to expand our product suite!