Employee Spotlight

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Great American’s Environmental Division is excited to recognize and congratulate the following team member promotions. Thank you for your hard work and continued contribution to our team’s success!

BobbiAnn Murphy Headshot

BobbiAnn Murphy promoted to Production Underwriting Supervisor

“BobbiAnn joined the Environmental Division about three years ago and quickly became an integral part of the team. She has shown strong capability in supporting and managing others, along with handling complex underwriting and developing broker relationships. She goes above and beyond to help move our division forward by supporting various projects and efforts.”

-Heather Boyd, Divisional Assistant Vice President

Scott Tardif

Scott Tardif promoted to Senior Underwriter

“Scott joined the Environmental Division in 2019. Since then, he has cultivated meaningful broker relationships and has been able to establish repeat business. His hard work and underwriting capabilities have exceeded all expectations, and I am thankful to have him as an instrumental member of our team.”

-Olivia Derderian, Production Underwriting Supervisor

Austin Connell

Austin Connell promoted to Senior Underwriter

“Austin started with the Environmental Division about three years ago and has proven to be an extremely thorough and dependable underwriter. Although the majority of his time with Great American has been during a pandemic and working remote, Austin has done an awesome job building meaningful relationships. I am thankful to have such a valuable member on our team!”

-Olivia Derderian, Production Underwriting Supervisor

Ryan Kuhn

Ryan Kuhn promoted to Production Underwriter

“Ryan joined the Environmental Division as an associate underwriter in 2016. He quickly became a proficient associate underwriter and took the initiative to learn more about the underwriting process. Before long, Ryan was underwriting renewal and new business accounts while still performing associate underwriter duties. He has also been instrumental in the success of the various programs currently operating under our team.”

- Kirk Davenport, Divisional Vice President, Executive Underwriter & Programs Director