Ensuring Inclusive Insurance – IICF Advancing Ideas into Action Conference

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This summer, Walter Holm from our underwriting team, had the opportunity to attend the IICF International Inclusion in Insurance Northeast Forum in New York, where industry leaders and notable spokespeople alike gathered to discuss diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace. The conference discussed an array of topics including:

  •  Tips for attracting and retaining diverse talent
  •  Building a life of passion and purpose
  •  Igniting action by connecting leadership to purpose
  •  Methods to boost mental health and wellness

An insightful inclusive presentation revealed how Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) efforts almost always result in a positive impact on business performance, yet 80% of consumers say companies are not sufficiently responding to systemic racial inequality.

Despite this statistic, efforts to improve and ensure DEI in the workplace have become widespread in the insurance industry and will continue to grow in importance as conferences like this offer insights and plans for acting on such initiatives.

During the conference, IICF provided numerous pointers on best practices for organizations to prioritize DEI. By recruiting for cultural add instead of cultural fit, organizations can ensure that they are actively shaping a diverse workplace. Additionally, it was emphasized that development is critical to organizational success, but each person has different learning styles and different developmental needs. It is recommended that managers use a tailored approach and believe in each person’s capacity to learn, develop and expand their contribution.

Great American makes it a priority to invest in our people not just upon employment, but continuously, through countless trainings, team-bonding events and conferences such as this one, to keep current on the newest regulations and engage with industry leaders regularly.

Overall, the event proved to be very impactful and educational, while providing plenty of resources for further consideration.

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