New Construction-Focused Riskopolis – Summer Series!

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Let’s face it the construction industry is tough, especially in the summer heat.

Maintaining a building premises is important for structure preservation and the protection of occupant’s safety. Building controls such as HVAC installment, plumbing and mechanical procedures are necessary to ensure that both the structure and the environment within remain healthy, clean and a safe place to work or reside.

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From installation mishaps to unpredictable disruptions, the summer edition of Construction-Focused Riskopolis Series introduces a series of scenarios representing the many potential risks HVAC, plumbing and mechanical contracting professionals face in their lines of work. Are your contractor clients protected from these lurking environmental dangers?

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The underwriting professionals of Great American’s Environmental Division are happy to work with you to help uncover the hidden risks in your clients’ operations and develop a custom program to further protect them. We encourage you to reach out to us should you have any additional questions or if you’re interested in learning more about our specialized coverages for contractors.

Sign-up for this year’s Construction-Focused Riskopolis Series! The fall release will feature utility contractor characters specializing in sewer, gas and electrical operations who encounter the same environmental challenges your clients might experience!

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