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Be ready when life happens. These product pollution situations illustrate the variety of environmental exposures that could affect your customers!

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The manufacturer of a rubber piping sealant was named as a defendant in a lawsuit. It was alleged that at a site where their product was used, liquid toxic chemicals seeped from the manufacturing equipment. As a result of the chemical seep, the toxic discharge migrated into the soil and groundwater outside of the facility.

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A contractor for a PERC dry cleaner installed a ventilation fan system in its vapor barrier room. The ventilation fan was intended to collect vapor and exhaust it through the stack above the building, relieving dense buildup. The fan was installed correctly; however, due to an alleged manufacturing error, the fan malfunctioned. Unfortunately, several occupants of the dry cleaner complained that they suffered injuries from being exposed to the vapor in the building.

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A company leased a hydraulic boom lift for a construction project. The lift was stationed and sat vacant at the job site for two weeks. When the lift was moved, they discovered that the diesel fuel tank had been leaking onto the ground, contaminating the surrounding soil. Authorities were notified, requiring an investigation as well as subsequent soil cleanup. The project owner sought recovery from the leasing company.

Icon4_Industrial equipment leak-01_web 

When a plant was opening for first shift, a spill of chemicals was discovered around plastic tubing used in its manufacturing process. When the tubing had been installed, it operated properly, with compatible chemicals successfully flowing through the tubing. After an investigation of the spill was conducted, it was determined that the plastic tubing had simply failed, leading to costs necessary to remediate the spill. A claim was made against the tubing distributor.

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The claims scenarios depicted above illustrate the variety of environmental exposures your clients may face. All situations are unique! The terms, conditions, exclusions, and limitations in any policy may vary. Our team of experienced underwriters, dedicated claims handling unit and technical support staff understands these unique environmental exposures and can work with you to help tailor a policy to find acceptable coverage and claim solutions for your clients!

To help you address these as well as other environmental exposures with your clients, visit our Claims Scenario Library. You can find more examples illustrating the various environmental exposures that could affect your customers!

Kent Pollaro
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Kent Pollaro, Senior Production Underwriting Manager
Great American Environmental Division

Kent is a Senior Production Underwriting Manager with Great American’s Environmental Division. With over a decade of environmental consulting and underwriting experience, Kent has a proven track record of success in underwriting all lines of environmental insurance products from fixed site pollution policies to combined form GL/Environmental policies for manufacturers and distributors. He is proficient in technical investigation and analytical breakdown of environmental exposures. Kent and his team of experienced underwriters currently service hundreds of domestic and international clients. He is based out of the New York City office.

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Greg Kelder Divisional Senior Vice President, Head of Claims
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Greg Kelder is a Divisional Senior Vice President with Great American Environmental and serves as Head of Claims. He has more than 30 years of environmental claim experience. Greg brings specialized environmental claim support and training to our division and is based out of the Exton, Pennsylvania office