Impact of PFAS on Environmental Litigation: PERRIN Conference


The professionals of Great American Environmental are continuously seeking ways to broaden their scope of knowledge by staying up to date on the latest industry trends. Sara Brothers, Divisional Vice President had the opportunity to kick off 2022 by speaking at the PERRIN Environmental Risk & Litigation Conference.

This virtual conference focused on the timely issue of the impacts that new PFAS regulations may pose on environmental litigation.

The conference covered all aspects related to PFAS, from current litigation to due diligence and pre-treatment programs, to future state of PFAS regulatory changes.

Sarah Brothers PFAS

Sara Brothers participated on a panel discussing insuring, remediating and litigating PFAS claims. With over 250 participants in attendance, the speakers touched on pollution incident trigger and allocation theories, pollution exclusions, how late notice of a pollution incident can affect a claim and the role and/or benefits of historic environmental insurance policies.

From a technical standpoint, the panel discussed the behavior of PFAS in the environment, remediation technologies and how the latest regulatory updates impact PFAS claims. In addition, the panel spoke about the current state of pollution liability policies when it comes to PFAS coverage and exclusions and how the historical operations of a site can impact coverage allocation.

Our team is dedicated to helping clients develop a comprehensive risk management strategy to prevent potential environmental exposures. The experts at Great American Environmental offer specialized coverage that can protect against complicated and often costly pollution risks.

Check out this edition’s claims scenarios that showcase PFAS-related exposure!

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