Wrong Place, Wrong Time – Storage Tank Scenarios!

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Be ready when life happens. These aboveground and underground storage tank situations illustrate the variety of environmental exposures that could affect your customers!

Aboveground Storage Tank Scenarios

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Fuel was being transferred between two aboveground storage tanks at a tank farm during a rainstorm. The transfer tank was overfilled and the overfill alarm did not trigger. In addition, the secondary containment valve had been left open causing fuel and rainwater to escape the containment for several hours before the release was detected. The storage tank owner was held responsible for the costly cleanup.

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A chemical producer found that the floating roof drain of an aboveground storage tank failed and released the tank’s chemical contents into a creek nearby. The company was forced to pay a large fine and cover the cost of the cleanup.

Underground Storage Tank Scenarios

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During a routine tank tightness test at a gasoline station, it was discovered that some product had leaked from an underground storage tank. It was determined that a seal in a coupling device that connected the tank to the piping had failed and gasoline was leaking out of the pipe connection.

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Petroleum vapors were detected in a convenience store. After further investigation, one of the facility’s underground storage tanks was found to be leaking. The tank was taken out of service and a vapor mitigation system had to be installed in the store.

The claims scenarios depicted above illustrate the variety of environmental exposures your clients may face. All situations are unique! The terms, conditions, exclusions, and limitations in any policy may vary. Our team of experienced underwriters, dedicated claims handling unit and technical support staff understands these unique environmental exposures and can work with you to help tailor a policy to find acceptable coverage and claim solutions for your clients!

To help you address these as well as other environmental exposures with your clients, visit our Claims Scenario Library. You can find more examples illustrating the various environmental exposures that could affect your customers!

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Greg Kelder is a Divisional Senior Vice President with Great American Environmental and serves as Head of Claims. He has more than 30 years of environmental claim experience. Greg brings specialized environmental claim support and training to our division and is based out of the Exton, Pennsylvania office.

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