Our suite of cyber risk insurance products was developed to protect commercial enterprises, including not-for-profit organizations, from a variety of exposures inherent with the use of the Internet as a business tool. At the core of this insurance solution is the ISO ISPP, which provides both first and third party coverage through eight insurance agreements. A modular policy, these coverages may be purchased individually, collectively or in any combination.

  • Insuring Agreement 1: Website Publishing Liability
  • Insuring Agreement 2: Network Security Liability
  • Insuring Agreement 3: Programming Errors & Omissions Liability
  • Insuring Agreement 4: Replacement or Restoration of Electronic Data
  • Insuring Agreement 5: Extortion Threats
  • Insuring Agreement 6: Business Income and Extra Expense
  • Insuring Agreement 7: Public Relations Expense
  • Insuring Agreement 8: Security Breach Expense

In addition, Insuring Agreement 2 and Insuring Agreement 8 are sold with enhanced customer services offered by CyberScout®.*

Recently Cyber Enhancement Endorsements were also added to provide you and your clients with even greater flexibility and value. Sold in tandem with our package, commercial property, general liability or SafePak® product, these enhancements deliver exceptional coverage at a great price.

* CyberScout is a registered service mark of CyberScout, LLC.