Great American is a market leader in building profitable agency-owned captive programs. A captive allows an agency to both increase the revenue potential from a profitable book of business as well as create an exclusive program that no other agent has access to. Our agency captive relationships fall into two categories:

Program Specialists

These homogeneous captives focus on a particular class or industry group. The agent can be a retailer or work with sub-agents. Many are true “Program Administrators” who have advanced underwriting capability and binding authority. Some provide claims and loss prevention services as well.


These heterogeneous captives write a mix of business. Our generalist agents are almost always retailers who have a direct relationship with the accounts written into the program. Oftentimes these agents focus on sales and marketing while Great American provides the underwriting, claims and loss prevention services.

Captives are certainly not for every agency. You have to have profitable business, an appetite for risk and the willingness to invest significant resources to make the facility successful. To learn more about how agency captives work and whether the model is right for you, please read our agency captive brochure. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!

Marketing Contact

Jennifer Guidry
Divisional Vice President, Business Development & Marketing

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