Programs with Open Distribution

Traditional Programs

USL&H and WC for Marine Accounts

Contact: Jan Damare

Natural Food Stores, Vitamin Stores and Food Co-ops

Contact: Dane Meisler

Liquor Stores, Wineries, Breweries, Cideries, Distilleries

Contact: Larry Chasin

Rural Telecommunications Companies

Contact: Peter Elliot

VGM Insurance
Golf and Country Clubs

Contact: Brian Thiemer

Group Captive Programs

A Group Captive is a vehicle through which a group of insureds can reduce their insurance costs by sharing risk within a specific retention. This is a risk sharing alternative for insureds that may not be eligible for a Self-Insured (SIR) or deductible program.

In order to participate in a group captive the individual policyholder will be taking risk and will need to present collateral.

Heterogeneous Group Captive

Contact: Tracy Bernard

Heterogeneous Group Captive

Contact: Amanda Klimaski

Heterogeneous Group Captive

Contact: Brian Ricci