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Since the Great Recession, most North American businesses are lean and focused organizations, concentrating on producing goods and services quickly and efficiently at the highest possible level. When an unexpected situation arises with potentially long-term negative consequences, companies may be caught off guard and struggle with an appropriate response due to being understaffed or because they have a green team. This begs the question,

How can a firm effectively respond to the situation and comply with environmental regulations, internal company guidelines, and safeguard the company’s trust and reputation?

By retaining an emergency response services company, well before any incident, and having this firm on call.

When you insure through Great American Environmental, you gain access to Great American’s Response & React Program. Through this program, insureds have access to a network of ~1,000 prequalified environmental professionals who are armed with the knowledge and experience to help coordinate and manage a rapid, cost effective response to your emergency spills.

One of these response and react firms is CURA Emergency Services of Plano, Texas. CURA is a nationwide firm that provides emergency response services and can efficiently manage a rapid cost effective response to spills and other environmental incidents. CURA is not a broker or a third party administrator. CURA actively performs and manages emergency cleanup work and response – more than 1,000 emergency spill cleanup-ups per year.

CURA’s extensive training program encourages staff to obtain relevant certifications, preparation and competencies. All CURA Incident Managers hold certifications for DOT Hazardous Materials Transportation, 40-hour HAZWOPER and attend annual refresher seminars. Additionally, CURA operations executive staff are Certified Hazardous Materials Managers (CHMM).

The CURA team consists of degreed professionals from a variety of relevant fields including engineering, environmental science, ecology, emergency management and land reclamation. CURA managers have a higher level of experience with an average of nine years in the field and knowledge that comes from past and present experiences in subsurface consultancies, volunteer firefighting and corporate emergency management.

CURA is your ideal spill response vendor because they will respond to the emergency, contact the appropriate authorities, complete and file the required regulatory paperwork and work with your insurance company’s claims department to ensure that all costs are accounted for and properly allocated. Their efficient process may save you both time and money.

Great American Response and React Program

CURA’s expertise allows them to know and help their clients identify where funds must be expended and where they don’t need to be, which may be, ultimately, a long-term cost savings to the insured.

Retaining and using a firm such as CURA also allows companies to maintain a low-focused headcount and reduce long-term costs, while still effectively responding to environmental emergencies in a compliant and efficient manner.

Contact your Great American Environmental underwriter to learn more.

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