We provide an industry-leading Professional Liability coverage form which includes a broad coverage grant and a broad definition of the professional services we cover. This can be attached to a package policy along with the Commercial General Liability and the Abuse or Molestation coverage parts, which will provide your human and social service organization the coverage they need.

Our package policy contains three separate coverage parts and limits for:

  • Professional Liability
  • General Liability
  • Abuse or Molestation

Availability of high limits to cover risk and loss exposure:

  • Limits of up to $1 million for each act, error or omission
  • $3 million in aggregate
  • $15 million umbrella limits (including Professional Abuse or Molestation)
  • Claim and legal expense are covered outside the professional limit of liability

Professional coverage is provided for any act, error or omission regarding the rendering or failure to render a professional service

  • Available on Occurrence or Claims Made basis
  • No Mandatory Deductibles